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Nancy Green on Teaching Voice

To teach is to inspire another on the path of development to one's higher potential.

My goal as a teacher and facilitator is to help a student enhance the beauty in his or her own voice, to promote vocal health and longevity and to develop technical security and fluidity throughout their vocal range.
This allows us to sing with artistic freedom and expression.

I carry into my studio the knowledge and inspiration that has been handed down to me through a succession of teachers, singers, composers, conductors and directors as well as my own performing experience, and am grateful for the technical stability that I have been able to rely on for 25 years performing leading roles on the operatic stage.
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Two teachers I have worked with who had a great influence on my singing and teaching were Bernard Barbeau and Eleanor Steber. Both of them studied with a man named Whitney.

One defining aspect of Eleanor Steber's singing was her ability to sing with a refined quality of brightness and focus, while producing a dark beautiful color all in the same tone. They attributed this to Whitney's influence. Whitney's concept helped students develop a focused tone produced within a round supported resonant vowel creating this wonderful combination of "light & dark" {"chiaro e scuro"}.

This concept is a foundation from which my own teaching has evolved. It has of course developed as I have; through my performing experience, and encounters with individual students for whom I have created programs that address their specific needs.

There are many elements involved in developing a reliable vocal technique. In the process we address; breath support, resonance, intonation, diction, blending of registers, legato, musical phrasing, artistic expression and, not to forget, dealing with nervousness, singing wonderful high notes... and…enjoying the process!

All these elements culminate in that which we artists strive to achieve, "beautiful singing" {"bel canto"}. Beautiful singing combines the elements of vocal technique with musicianship and artistic expression. Even if we could reach a level of technical perfection, it is meaningless without the human element. It is adding this element that brings us into the artistic realm. The technical elements when combined with humanity, spontaneity, vulnerability, strength and passion are what enable an individual artist to make the composer's musical word come alive.

Music has great power. It has the power to inspire us, to move us emotionally and to enlighten us. This is why we sing and this is why I teach.  As well as encouraging musical integrity, I also strive to infuse the singers in my studio with the love and enthusiasm I feel for this art form. I am always learning from the students I teach and this exchange can be very creative and rewarding. Each person is unique and has within them a special voice. My role is to help develop this inner voice and facilitate as well as empower singers on their artistic path.
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